Socialize. Harmonize. Revitalize.

There’s something about singing together. It’s not just that there’s science behind it, though it’s been shown to release endorphins, elevate mood and strengthen social bonds.* No, it’s also the feeling you get in the moment, in the music: the exhilaration, the letting go, the laughter (which also releases endorphins).


Urban Choir Project is all that, amplified. It gathers together like-minded New Yorkers who love to sing (whether they’re great at it or not), letting them express and challenge themselves, connect with others doing the same thing, and just generally have a blast.


In workshops and training for schools, communities or businesses, it’s a powerful tool to create social or professional bonds and encourage personal growth.... Which we believe is something to sing about.  

*The Royal Society, Open Science, October 2015: http://rsos.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/2/10/150221