Pop Choir for Families

We take family harmony literally. 

It’s bonding without the baby talk. A night out without a sitter. And an endorphin rush you have to sing to believe. The Baby-Singers Club gives new parents a chance to connect with their child, other parents and each other through music that doesn’t put anyone to sleep. 


Because we know (first-hand) how hard and even isolating being a new parent can be, the sessions are designed to be as joyful and stress-less as possible: You’ll learn simple harmonies that let you sing your heart out, whether you’re a pro or not. You’ll talk and laugh with other parents about something other than diapers and daycare. And because your child is with you—playing or singing along, and learning from your example—there’s no babysitter needed.       


We’ll practice everything from pop to indie rock, musical theater to world, with a little parents’ spin on it: think Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine, or Dylan’s Forever Young. If you love to sing, to yourself or to your child, it’s the best of both worlds. (Sort of like “Goodnight, Keith Moon.”)

How it works: The first 30 minutes will focus on “grown up” songs, with simple harmonies, that parents sing together. Little ones can join in or just do their own thing, while absorbing the rich sounds of their parents’ singing.


The final 20 minutes will shift to child-focused songs and musical activities, so they also get a chance to shake it out, make some noise and sing (or babble) their hearts out.

Upcoming Programs

There are no programs booked at this time. Please check back soon or if you would like us to let you know about future programs get in touch!