Founded by singer, songwriter and choir master* Charlie Adams, Urban Choir Project brings together the best of her decade-long (and then some) experience with choirs, workplace singing, and music education in both the UK and NYC.


*But that’s not all. For the really impressive stuff, visit Charlie’s site here.

Urban Choir Project was founded in 2012 with the intent of using group singing as a development tool for organizations across New York City: creating employee bonding opportunities for business retreats, for instance, or encouraging childhood development of social skills in schools.


But the idea was too big to be contained in those worlds alone—in the same way you can’t stop a good song from bursting free. Today, Urban Choir Project has expanded to include two adult choirs, two children’s choirs, and the first-ever Choiroke group. (You might ask what that is; there’s a page for that.)


Like the workshops for businesses, communities and schools, the choir groups all draw on the most contemporary and accessible teaching methods to engage and excite singers of all levels. In other words, we make it easy to find your voice, and love doing it.