Help your team work in perfect harmony. Literally.


Workplace stress is one of the biggest causes of burnout. One of the best remedies for stress? Group singing. Studies have not only shown that singing releases endorphins and can lower cortisol (our main stress hormone), but that group singing may actually sync up the heart rates of the participants.*  And what better way to cultivate team connections?


Beyond the joy that group singing inspires, the benefits to employees’ wellbeing—and in turn, your business—are myriad:


  • Less of the stress and anxiety that lead to inefficiency and absenteeism

  • More energy and motivation, for a better work environment

  • Greater confidence, along with an ease in performing, that boosts presentation skills

  • A new sense of connection and collaboration essential to team building

Get a first-hand look at our workshops and the force behind them

Founded by singer/songwriter and Choir Master Charlie Adams (meet her here), Urban Choir Project has been making song accessible and enjoyable—not to mention beneficial—since 2012.


Drawing on her 15+ years’ experience in the U.S. and U.K., UCP has perfected a set of workplace singing models designed to adapt to the goals of different corporate and other work environments, and the diverse (even beginner) talent levels of employees. Pulling from pop, rock and other contemporary charts, they also happen to be an incredible amount of fun. Which is the best kind of perk.





What we do...


Standalone Collaborative Workshops: 2-4 hour sessions

Wellness & Team Building Days: 6-7 hour immersive workshops

Workforce Choirs: 5-10 week residencies in which employees come together, usually at lunch or post-work, to build a company-wide choir

Conference Power Singing: a mass-singing session to inspire conference participants

“Choiroke” Events: one-of-a kind events where employees sing karaoke, but with our choir backing them up. Learn more about Choiroke here


We’d love to talk with you; just email us here with your contact information and ideas, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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*Time Magazine, August 2013, and BBC World News feature (see video below)